The Adventure Club of Europe announces that a new artifact has been found


The scouts of the Adventure Academy of Europe dug it up during a field trip in Greece and will send it to ACE as soon as possible. It is a mask that recreates the face of Medusa. Supposedly, a centuries-old curse is attached to her, which can only be broken in a special way, because so many Greek gods have their hands in it. Various mythical creatures are also involved. The ACE assures that the mask will be kept under the highest security precautions. Furthermore, the best researchers and scientists have already been put on the analysis to eliminate any further dangers.



Once again, the ACE has entrusted the successful author THiLO with writing down the exciting story behind the find. It can now be read by interested members and friends of the ACE.



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The flying school of adventurers
Volume 4: The Mask of Medusa (currently available uniquely in German)
Illustrations by Max Meinzold


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