The ACE invites all to a historical expedition in the footsteps of Bartholomeus van Robbemond

Much has been written about the founding father of the Adventure Club of Europe – and even more was rumored. Disrespected, underestimated, dreaded and deified: Bartholomeus van Robbemond. In his spirit, the ACE travels the world today: with courage, passion and open eyes for the mystery that surrounds us everywhere.

In honour of Robbemond, the ACE will soon be inviting visitors to experience their biggest expedition with their own eyes: the search for the Fire Tiger.

With the financial backing of the Mack Bank, an extraordinary adventure with state-of-the-art technology will be recreated in 2020 under the name ‘Pirates in Batavia’.

In order to find the notorious dagger, the Fire Tiger, visitors go into a true-to-original Batavia. Raised up on the cliffs of Batavia, the journey ventures across the island, through the village and up to the temple. Here awaits the dagger which, according to legend, grants its owner invincibility in battle. Along the way, Robbemond’s famous opponents Diablo Cortez and Li Fu must be defeated – just as they should have done.

The visitor is accompanied by Jopi, the playful otter and faithful companion of Robbemond.

The ACE thanks the many people who made this unique experience possible. We look forward to taking you on the trail of Bartholomeus van Robbemond with pride and gratitude.