Special Exhibition ‘Rulantica’ – Celebratory Opening and Exhibition

It’s one of a kind, a trendsetting master-piece of an exhibition: The great ‘Rulantica’ special exhibition is officially open!



On 17th January 2020, the Adventure Club of Europe and the ‘Krønasår’ museum, together with the Mack family and around 600 invited guests celebrated the official opening of this worldwide unique exhibition. ACE president and museum director Catherine Noir addressed the guests before her speech via video message to explain the development:


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For the longest time it was beliefed, that the island of Rulantica is nothing but a legend. But investigations by the ACE have been able to prove beyond doubt: Rulantica really exists! Based on recent ACE expeditions, experienced curators have created the special exhibition which shows in incredible detail a reconstruction of the island.

This has been made possible by the passionate support by the Mack family and many more energetic helpers. The ACE honours their amazing achievement with a honorary board in the exhibition, which has been revealed during the ceremony by the Mack family.

‘Let us be the ones who bring in the new!’, with the motto of ACE founder Bartholomeus van Robbemond, Michael Mack spurred all guests to dare to innovate again and again. A motto that the many long-term partners of Europa-Park who were present would have internalised, and for which the family thanked them.

The gate to Rulantica was then opened personally by no less than Snorri, using the horn of Loki: Because only those who hold the horn, that the Nordic god Loki broke off his helmet when he created the island, can enter Rulantica. Today, this powerful magical artifact is kept under the highest security precautions at a secret ACE location. For the opening of the special exhibition, however, Madame Noir presented it exceptionally on stage.



Then the most experienced expedition leaders of the ACE led the guests through the exhibition, on an expedition to Rulantica, which was populated by the inhabitants of the island that evening, from Vikings, trolls, sirens, source guardians and the spirts of one or two shipwrecked sailors.

People are truly immersed,’ enthuses Catherine Noir, ‘We have created a fascinating place where visitors actually feel as if they are on the legendary island of Rulantica!’