Special exhibition of Krønasar ‘Rulantica’ opens on 17th January 2020

The Adventure Club of Europe looks forward to the opening of the special exhibition ‘Rulantica’, which will be hosted by our esteemed friends and companions of the Krønasar Museum.

No less than the entire fabled island has been recreated based on mystical records, maps and historical testimonials. From the famous Trølldal, where the creatures of the same name live, over the enchanting Vinterhal to Rangnakor, the city where the first Vikings lived when they settled on the island around 900 AD.

The serpent Svalgur can also be admired here. It was she who, according to legend, sank the famous ship Tre Kronor in the 16th century after Captain Tord Johansen attempted to steal the water of the source of life from the island.

“Rulantica has always been my big childhood dream. No, what do I say, this mystical island is still there,” said ACE President Johan Malus at the announcement of the opening date. “I’m sure it’s out there. And one day we will find it. Until then we have this fantastic special exhibition. And if, like me, you’ve always wanted to bathe yourself in the source of life, your dream will come true here – with no side effects, like annoying curses from Odin or being attacked by sea serpents,” he added with a laugh.